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EMStar completes more than 100,000 successful transports a year. We work hard to make transportation planning easier than ever, to provide the most technologically advanced service available, and to lead the Medical Transportation industry to a new level of professionalism and service. Click on the links below to learn how EMStar can help you with your transportation needs.

Mobility Assistance and Wheelchair Van

EMStar provides simple solutions for transporting individuals, groups of patients, and accompanying medical personnel. We can design cost effective programs for any size facility and any level of need from recreational transport to scheduled regular appointments to dedicated facility programs. Contact us to find out how we can reduce stress and effort required to manage your Mobility Assistance program.

Basic Life Support Ambulance

EMStar maintains a fleet of fully equipped modern BLS transportation for all patient types. EMStar keeps professional dispatchers on staff and maintains vehicle and supply redundancies to ensure constant availability of the best service available. We are also constantly updating our fleet to make sure that your patients get the highest quality transport available. Contact us to find out about the range of options we offer - We can help with any type of BLS you might need including specialty transports like bariatric patients, long distance transports, and other special needs.

Advanced Life Support Ambulance

EMStar is proud to offer the most advanced ALS fleet in the region. We maintain modern sophisticated vehicles and highly trained personnel for complex transportation needs. Our paramedics are hand-picked and trained in-house by our experienced staff and are held to high standards of service to ensure a high level of care for every patient. We regularly invest in our ALS vehicles to make sure they equipped with the newest high performance equipment including hear monitors, ventilators, redundant systems, and other features that make them the best available. When you need the absolute best quality of care, contact us .

Long Distance Transport

Our staff has extensive medevac and long distance experience. Our Long-Distance teams have logged hundreds of thousands of miles of successful transports and are proud to offer solutions to meet any need. We maintain sophisticated equipment and highly trained personnel to ensure worry-free long distance transport. Contact us to get a customized transportation plan for your long distance needs.

Employee Shuttles

EMStar provides complete shuttle solutions for the area's best health systems and facilities. We can provide customized solutions at specific hours or always-available transportation to keep your organization's staff moving quickly and efficiently from place to place. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to find out how we can provide you with a maintenance-free shuttle solution.

911 Emergency Response

EMStar teams have the skills, medical equipment, and communications equipment to provide support for 911 programs, even on short notice. EMStar is also prepared to bid for and serve community 911 programs with our high standards and advanced response. Contact us to find out about our range of capabilities.